Developments in Renewable Energy in China Today

Address by Prof. Lianzhou Wang & Dr. Mingxing Zhang from Uni. of Qld. … followed by Chinese Banquet

Sunday 14th October
11:00am – 1:00pm
Joyful Chinese restaurant

5 Brereton St., South Brisbane
$30 Banquet

RSVP by Monday 9th October, to Don Wilson 3358 4385 or Ross Gwyther 0408 782 983

Dr Mingxing Zhang is the President of the Qld Chinese Scientists and Engineers Association. He will give a short address on the work of their association.

Prof Lianzhou Wang will talk about the latest developments in renewable energy in China. He is currently in Chemical Engineering at the University of Queensland . His research focuses on ways of developing cleaner and more efficient energy conversion & storage systems, including solar driven photochemical conversion, low cost solar cells, rechargeable lithium batteries, and water treatment membranes. He has worked at UQ for over 8 years, and was awarded the prestigeous ARC Future Fellowship for 2012.

Prof Wang is happy to show us over his research labs at some stage also.

After the talks and discussion with our two speakers, guests can partake of a Chinese banquet

The Australia China Friendship Society aims to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of Australia and China. We hold regular informal lunches with guest speakers on interesting topics.

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