World Cafe for the UN International Day of Peace

World Cafe

Friday, 21 September 2012

19:30 until 21:30

Ala-din’s Restaurant, 1307 Beenleigh Rd Kuraby Brisbane

Al Tariq is yet again hosting a World Cafe for the UN International Day of Peace.

This year we continue our focus on the Palestinian Plight, remembering all those who have suffered and the struggles faced today.

Bring along something to share,your comments,a poem,or just turn up and listen to others chat.

Our World Cafe has always been a casual based event providing a platform for those who want to take part. We do however invite speakers so if you have a specific presentation you wish to make.(Please email Australian Ambassador for Al-Tariq at by Tuesday 18th September 2012
See/publicise Facebook event.!/events/468030333230642/

Note on Al Tariq:

The Australian Branch of Al-Tariq aims to create awareness and raise necessary funds to assist with our numerous projects. If you would like to become involved in the Australasia region please contact: Sabrina.Khan-Ismail

Mission Goals:

-Educating youth and adults on the values of democracy, especially non-violent conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation.

-Empowering Palestinian women, so that they can influence and contribute to the political leadership and society as a whole.

-Creating a youth movement of Al-Tariq through diverse educational activities, training courses and clubs for children.

-Establishing networks with other Palestinian organizations that believe in the same goals, and are supported by a worldwide network of governments and organizations that assist the Palestinian people in creating a democratic Palestinian State.

-Influencing the Arabic and international media to recognize the strong peace camp in Palestine and to condem those who call for violence.

-Facilitating and supporting dialogue with Israelis based on mutual respect and equality.

-Supporting local leaders by training and implementing the values of democracy on a local level, which can then influence the social and political landscape of our entire region.
Company Overview
Al Tariq – The Palestinian Institute for Development and Democracy was established in 2006 by local leaders and prominent members of the Palestinian peace camp. The goal of Al Tariq is to empower and educate Palestinian society to use non-violent means to resolve the conflict, combat hatred, violence and extremism.

Al Tariq in Arabic literally means “the way,” or the path. We believe that today, Palestinians have serious choices to make about which way our future will go. Our goal is to inspire Palestinians to choose paths of non-violence, dialogue and democracy because we believe that these are the best ways to build a socially just society and future Palestinian state.

Al Tariq is a non-governmental organization registered with the Palestinian Authority and funded by contributions from foundations, governments and individuals primarily in Europe and North America.

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