Refugee Greens Amendment in Senate

This is not about NIMBY responses. Not Nauru- Not Malaysia but action now.

There are 1200 proven assessed refugees in Indonesia right now.

Australia has just reduced our intake resettlement places from a piddling 500 to 300 so what is the message to the 1200 people who are waiting and hoping for a safe place to call home?
This is no way to stop the dangerous boat journeys.

The Greens amendment to take 1000 people now – away from the people smuggling agents- gives refugees a real choice and will save lives in real terms.

Sending 800 people to languish in Malaysia in some convoluted punishment mechanism is a cynical political response.

The Greens amendment deserves support.

Migration Legislation Amendment (The Bali Process) Bill 2012

(Second reading amendment to be moved by the Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Milne, on behalf of herself and Senator Hanson-Young)

At the end of the motion, add:

but the Senate:

(a) calls on the Government to take immediate action to:

provide safe pathways for refugees to discourage people taking life threatening journeys;

increase Australia’s humanitarian intake from 13,750 to 20,000, including additional places to be immediately allocated to targeted resettlement of 1,000 people from Indonesia and 4,000 people from Malaysia;

immediately increase funding to United Nations High Commission for Refugees by $10 million to boost the capacity of Refugee Status Determination assessments in Malaysia and Indonesia;

establish a multi-party committee, charged with developing a framework for a long-term regional solution which is underpinned by the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and the related 1967 Protocol;

enter urgent discussions between Australia and Indonesia to address the critical need for cooperation and effectiveness of intelligence sharing and resourcing between Australia and Indonesia in order to save lives at sea;

codify Australia’s Safety of Life at Sea Convention 1974 obligations across all relevant government agencies and increase Australia’s rescue capacity in Australia’s northern waters; and

(b) resolves that a message be sent to the House of Representatives immediately to acquaint it with this resolution.

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