Don’t scuttle the ships – Housing not Holidays

I just signed the following petition ( addressed to Queensland’s Housing Minister, Bruce Flegg, and the Federal Minister for Defence Materials Jason Clare. I have included the Federal Members for Lilley Wayne Swan, for Griffith Kevin Rudd and for Bonner Ross Vaster. These electorates enbrace the Port of Brisbane, and the Brisbane River.

Housing stress for low and medium income Queenslanders is set to increase with more job losses and increasing household costs. If we can convince the Queensland Minister for Housing for use these ships for a Housing Village it would be possible to make the existing rental stock in the near-city suburbs more avaliable to those who need to be close to hospitals and other government services. HMAS Manoora and HMAS Kanimbla, together with HMAS Tobruk (which is coming available in 2015) have been accommodating over 1000 navy personel when in active service, plus there’s huge volumes of extra space.
The use of ships as housing is not new. They have been put to good use after natural disasters, during and after wars, and during extra-large events – whether political crisis or the olympics!
To scuttle these ships to make a diving site for potential tourism would show an amazing lack of imagination and courage.


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