View from Grassy Knoll

Following the lead of the Arab Spring, ordinary people around the world occupied squares near big companies — places like Wall Street, the London Stock Exchange, financial districts of Berlin, Toronto, Martin Place in Sydney, City Square in Melbourne and Post office Square in Brisbane — arguably where the real power lies. They ignored parliament – the main institution of liberal democracy – because people recognise where real power lies.

Here are two speeches from Day One of Occupy Brisbane—

One from Dave on the crisis —

The other from Adrian on the local effects of the crisis —

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A regular participant on Paradigm Shift, Robin, reports from one such occupation in Dallas in Texas – home of George W Bush, oil millionaires, the ‘grassy knoll’, and conservative America.

Robin describes how refugees from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Mexico and the GFC have combined to lay the foundations for ‘Occupy Dallas’.

Robin talks about diversity and building communities.

The interview was prepared by Eliza (from the Paradigm Shift) and is in two parts. It was broadcast on 4ZZZ on 14 October 2011.

Meanwhile Occupy Brisbane in the Post Office Square in Brisbane hangs on despite tropical storms and a negative Brisbane City Council. On today’s agenda is Open University which will be a discussion led by Dave  on  the purpose of Occupy Brisbane (OB). I believe Dave can explain the economic crisis fully in 3 minutes, in less time than a pop song. But leading this discussion may be difficult given that the participants in Occupy Brisbane have thus far given only a vague indication of their purpose or direction.

As an aside I was talking to one of the people at OB to find out why he was there. He said that he is a Friend of the Earth (FOE) and opposed Mining & Export of Uranium. Another person said he was there for consciousness and to make change, another said for democracy. I wonder what they meant?

Hopefully I will find out before the police or Brisbane City Council move us out.

Paradigm Shift on Workers Bush Telegraph

View from the Grassy Knoll (Paradigm Shift 14/10/2011)

15 October 2011

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