Arna’s Child

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Let us not speculate from a cosy distance
From whence came the assassin
of brave Juliano Mer-Khamis
More futile still
Who killed Rabin? Mossad?
Was Abu Ammar poisoned?
Or was it Parkinson’s disease
That took him?

Little wonder his lips did quiver
Israelis forced a sick old man
To stare all day at a tank turret
From captivity in Ramallah
Do we need ask who is more crazy?
Qadhafi, George Bush or Sharon, the butcher of Beirut?
(My money is on Bush)

As the assassin’s bullet flies
Let not that dirty world of intrigue be for us
Tis enough to give abu Ammar a loving send off
Be sad for the passing of Rabin

For sure the people of Jenin,
The artists and filmmakers
Feel love, not shame

Freedom Theatre lies
on ground laid down by child martyrs,
A small girl stands on the rubble
of her town saying
Sharon was coming
So angry she burst into tears
with a great desire to take revenge
‘How legendary the cowardice of Israeli soldiers
Who hide inside their tanks
While children throw stones
And bombs that fall like rain’

Now you, brother, join Arna’s children
Vale Abu Juliano Mer-Khamis

Ian Curr
4 April 2011

Palestinian Days Film Festival (Brisbane) featuring Arna’s Children

5 thoughts on “Arna’s Child

  1. Reports on person charged says:

    [Editor’s Note: Is it no surprise that there are conflicting reports of the background of the person charged for the murder of Juliano Mer-Khamis. It is unlikely we will ever know what really happened.]

    Jenin militant charged over theater director murder

    Jenin residents could not attend the funeral of Mer-Khamis on Wednesday as he was buried at a Kibbutz near Haifa although the funeral procession passed by the Jalameh crossing between Israel and the northern West Bank so that residents of the camp could pay their last respects.

    Statement by Zakaria Zubeidi on the murder – see

  2. Hi All,

    Here is my latest letter.

    This time to The Australian in response to their recent article about Marrickville Council’s reckless support of the BDS. I don’t expect it to get published, as it probably is too close to the bone. But I want someone to see the bloody thing.


    What the Marrickville council has done in supporting the BDS, may not be an “appropriate” part of their role, but what it should do is focus attention on the illegal military occupation of Palestine, the continual theft of Palestinian land by settlers, under military protection, and the constant injustice, inhumanity, cruelty and humiliation inflicted on Palestinians – all of which defies International law.

    Go to Palestine, check it out, and ask then ask yourself, just as Israeli activists do, why the International community allows this to continue.

    There are many Israelis and Palestinians who want the attention and awareness raising which is the intention of the BDS, so they can end the divisions and live together in peace.

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