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Refugees Public Forum – Perth

The Human Rights Alliance facilitates the Asylum Seekers & Refugees Public Forum – East Perth The local newspaper, The PERTH VOICE, shall pose to the panel their readers’ 3 most popular questions The audience will have adequate opportunity to pose … Continue reading


Cry Freedom against Apartheid in Israel

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“We are the black people of the middle east” — Arab youth in film “Sling Shot Hip Hop” “if you don’t leash that mad dog, it will bite everyone” – Omar Baghouti, founding member of the Palestinian Campaign for the … Continue reading


Chile Solidarity

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Recently a student leader (Christiano) from Chile toured Australia. Christiano attended and spoke at some functions in Brisbane including ‘Foco Nuevo’. Christian was interviewed at 4ZZZ  (yet to be broadcast). Interview of Chilean Student leader speaking about student revolt in … Continue reading