Refugees Public Forum – Perth

The Human Rights Alliance facilitates the Asylum Seekers & Refugees Public Forum – East Perth

The local newspaper, The PERTH VOICE, shall pose to the panel their readers’ 3 most popular questions

The audience will have adequate opportunity to pose questions to the panel

This is the second Asylum Seekers & Refugees Public Forum in the HRA’s 2011 schedule for WA

MONDAY, March 28th,
6pm for a 6:30pm start
1st level, 75 Stirling St.,

Turn up with family, friends, and with your questions or quest for information.

Jim SHARP – Former Vice President of Amnesty International,
ASSeTS volunteer Coordinator, lawyer – Jim is not speaking on behalf of Amnesty and rather from his very informed views and experiences.

Marcus HAMPSON – Refugee Rights Action Network Representative, teacher, mental health worker – Marcus has been a passionate RRAN advocate for 7 years and has visited most of WA’s Detention Centres.

Adam JANALI – Former Asylum Seeker, 3 ½ years in Australian Detention, political artist – Adam, a Hazara, is now a resident of Australia and will speak about his experiences, views and hopes.

Suresh RAJAN – Former President of The Ethnic Communities Council WA – Suresh is a passionate advocate of multiculturalism & works closely with various agencies to achieve best outcomes for people.

LIBERAL PARTY representative – To be organised by The Liberal Party – We had invited Federal MP Michael Keenan & State MP Michael Sutherland. Unavailable. It is imperative they have a representative.

LABOR PARTY representative – To be organised by The Labor Party – We had invited Senator Louise Pratt, Federal MP Stephen Smith, State MP John Hyde. Unavailable. It is imperative they have a representative.

Gerry Georgatos – MC – Gerry is the convener of the Human Rights Alliance. Formerly in senior management, works with the homeless & youth, he is completing a PHD in Law in Australian Deaths in Custody.

SCHEDULE: Each panelist shall be allowed 3 minutes to deliver to the audience their position on Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

The PERTH VOICE’S 3 questions shall be put, one at a time, to the panelists, and each panelist will have 90 seconds for their response. The MC will take questions from the audience and the relevant panelists shall have one minute for their response. At least 90 minutes shall be set aside for questions from the audience. There may be an open mike session for brief comments and insights from community and organisations.

The next Forum shall be held in Kalgoorlie on Thursday, April 28. THE HUMAN RIGHTS ALLIANCE meets every Wednesday 5:30pm, level 1, 75 Stirling St., East Perth, and monthly on Thursdays in Armadale, and monthly on Fridays in Rockingham.

Working towards a Better Future

We acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we are now part of. We acknowledge and remember the horrific atrocities inflicted upon them. This is and will forever be their land.


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