Foco Nuevo in April 2011

After our third birthday celebrations Foco Nuevo continues with some special guests – we welcome for the first time the Meeanjin Choir, the Toni Pollard Band, and Maureen O’Brien. To add a twist Jumping Fences will perform in a cut-down version, while our drummer is having this month off.


Friday April 1
8.00 p.m.

Kurilpa Hall
174 Boundary Street
West End

(Next to the West End Library. Click here for a map)

$10 / $7 concession

Maggie’s delicious cakes, tea and coffee on sale.


Meeanjin Choir:
The Meeanjin choir is a diverse group of people from Link Up and St.Mary’s In Exile who came together to sing up the plight of the Stolen Generations and support the struggles of Aboriginal people for justice and dignity. The choir has been singing for two years now and we are an open group and always looking for new singers. We just ask that you also share our passion and commitment to our community. We love performing for like minded people and we hope you enjoy our presentation.

The Toni Pollard Band are guaranteed to get your toes tapping. They deliver an earthy/rootsy take in a mainly jazz based repertoire including influences from the Ragtime/Swing era. Toni has also added some of her own compositions [website].

Maureen O’Brien: contemporary singer/ songwriter and touring performer, Maureen writes from the heart and sings it with passion. With some five albums to her credit, her work crosses and often fuses the boundaries of Jazz-Blues-Folk. An interpretive vocalist, she has a rich, mellow vocal sound and style that intimately connects with her audience. Maureen’s music may inspire, uplift, challenge or simply make you laugh. There’s only one guarantee, you won’t walk away from a performance without being touched in some way.[website].

Jumping Fences: the song-writing partnership of Lachlan Hurse and Sue Monk, play a unique mix of original and Latin American songs, bridging the gap between Australian and World music. Their songs, heard from Brisbane factories to concerts in Havana, have evocative lyrics with compelling vocals and rhythm to match. We’ll be playing with Ross Gwyther and Robbie Stewart. [website]

Hope to see you soon,

Lachlan and Sue


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