The curious trial of J Le Singe

10 days in Sweden

The curious trial of J Le Singe

This Saturday is the demonstration in support of Wikileaks, and Socialist Alternative will be hosting a forum afterwards. Below are the details of both events.



– Defend freedom of information
– Support Julian Assange’s legal, political and civil rights
– Free Wikileaks US whistle blower Private Bradley Manning

Speakers include:
– Labor M.P Evan Morehead
– Federal President of the MEAA Peter Lewis
– State Spokesperson for The Greens Anne Boccabella

The demonstration will include a giant ‘Hands off Wikileaks’ banner for people to write their personal messages of support to Assange.

2pm Sat 22nd Jan
Brisbane Square
(opp Casino, George st)

Follow Brisbane Wikileaks Defence on:

Socialist Alternative Public Meeting after the Wikileaks Rally
Wikileaks and why the system breeds endless wars

After the rally, join Socialist Alternative for a Public Meeting discussing some of the revelations of the most important Wikileaks cables, including the 100, 000 War Logs of Iraq and Afghanistan. Wikileaks exposes a rotten system, and shows that our rulers not only have an interest in perpetrating wars around the world, but need to lie to us to justify them. Capitalism is a system of war and inequality, Wikileaks shows that, but why do we live in a world of constant wars, and what can we do about it. All welcome for talk and discussion. Food Available.

Sat 22nd Jan
4.30pm or when the rally ends
QUT Gardens Point
B Block Rm 224


One thought on “The curious trial of J Le Singe

    – anti-extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange flyer now available for download from the links below or I can send you a 9491KB) version – email me back to reqiest.

    Here are both sides of the flyer on the web:

    I’ve put a ‘sharealike’ creative commons licence on them, so hopefully
    anyone can download. Click on ‘actions’ above the picture, then view all sizes, then there should be options to download in various sizes. Witha bit of luck. G

    The layout has been completed, and sent to the printers, for the flyer publicising anti-extradition of Julian Assange activities in London ……starting at the Australian embassy on Friday Feb 4th ………….to Saturday’s public meeting at Giuseppe Conlon Hall on Saturday Feb 5th. ……………… vigils outside Woolwich Court Belmarsh Prison on Monday 7th. and Tuesday 8th.

    If the links don;t work for you. I can email you back with the file(9491KB) …if you want it now just email me back!
    ciaronx at and I’ll send it on to you.

    We have printed 5,000 flyers at £80 and 30 posters at £30

    We will need help to dustribute, especially this Wednesday (Jan 26th.) to leaflet events on Australia Day in London. You will see, the artwork is aimed primarily at the large Australian community in London – but is not exclusive to hose concerned with the issues! Julian Assange is originally form Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

    If you can help with distribution contact Ciaron asap 079 -392-90576

    …….any donations to cover these costs would be appreciated.
    Send chequs made out to “London Catholic Worker” (write “Assange” on the back of the check indicating it is for this purpose!).
    c/- Ciaron O’Reilly
    Giuseppe Conlon House
    49 Mattison Rd.
    N4 1BG

    …any excess funds will go to covering the costs of the four days of activities planned around the extradition hearing. Anything left over will be divided between the Manning and Assange defense funds. Many thanx to Timmy in Vietnam for kicking off the donations and to all the folks who helped us on our (so far) unsuccessful celeb/ headliner hunt.

    The people around Julian Assange have been in contact and have expressed gratitude for our efforts and are impressed by the quality of the flyer/poster Genny in Wales has produced.

    Free Manning! Free Assange! Free Speech

    Ciaron O’Reilly

    “The poor tell us who we are,
    The prophets tell us who we could be,
    So we hide the poor,
    And kill the prophets.”
    Phil Berrigan

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