East Timorese Woman Cyclist to compete in Tour de Timor – Sep 2010

Hey folks Greetings From Dili

I am trying to raise funds to buy a bike for a friend of mine who is going in this years Tour de Timor. She was the only Timorese woman to participate last year and came 22nd in the womens section from a very competitive and large international group of riders. Cairns Bicycle Users Group (CBUG) are organising the fundraiser and will organise the bike to be sent here.

If you can help at all it would be really appreciated. Anche is a fantastic and inspiring woman. If you can donate something no matter how small please do. Any money we make over the amount needed we will make sure it is used by the Timorese contingent in the Tour de Timor

Thanks very much. The deadline is the 16th of August

All the details are below

Cheers and Many Thanks


PS even if you cant please pass this email onto others who might like to help

Nicky Hungerford

Dili, East Timor

Ph: +670 7423368

Email: badagini@ozemail.com.au

DONATE NOW to support East Timorese Woman Cyclist Francelina Marques Cabral (Anche) race in this years Tour de Timor 13-17 September 2010.

Collection for donations will need to close by Monday 16 August. As at 1st August CBUG has received $300 in donation but we will need around $2,000 in order to ensure we can buy and ship a suitable bike to East Timor.

Donations can be provided through CBUGs Westpac account.

A/C Name Cairns Bicycle User Group

BSB 034664

A/C No. 119368

Reference Tour de Timor

Anything you can donate will be of great assistance. Any money that goes over the amount needed will be used to support other Timorese riders.

This appeal comes from Nicky Hungerford, CBUG member and former Cairns resident, now living in East Timor. Anyone who would like to help with this project in any way, please contact CBUG at cbug <mailto:cbug>.

Nicky met Francelina Marques Cabral (Anche) in May 2010. Anche was the only East Timorese woman who went in the Tour de Timor Bike Race last year. They had a process of selection and only one woman was chosen they gave the 24 strong East Timorese team access to bikes to use but only just before the event and the bike Anche was allocated was way too big for her. Even so, she came 22nd out of all women who raced which is pretty good as it was very competitive with some amazing riders from across Asia and Australia. We would like to help Anche do even better this year by getting her a bike that fits and one she will have ample time to train on.

For more information contact – Nicky Hungerford at  badagini@ozemail.com.au

And see these websites:

www.tourdetimor.com <http://www.tourdetimor.com>




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  1. Thank you for your support. You are fantastic…!!!

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