The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s first ever television commercial (with Jack Thompson!)

Dear Supporters,

What? The ASRC has made an ad? Yes we have, with Jack Thompson doing the voice-over! Please have a look and forward it (if you like it, and if you don’t please be gentle because it’s my baby) to as many friends as decency permits. Turn up the volume!

The YouTube clip is embedded in our brand new website, so it’s a great chance to introduce people to that too.

I won’t rattle on. Keep up the great support and hang in there through all the vilification of asylum seekers that’s going on.



PS. Channels 9 and 10 have declined to run the ad as a Community Service Announcement (in fact Ch 9 didn’t even wait to see it before rejecting us), but there is a very good chance that Channel 7 will.

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