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Monday 9 August 2010

Be Senate Smart! We now have a chance to make a change for a New Way

Today Michael Eckford aka Anderson launched his Senate campaign in NSW on the United Nations International Day for the World’s Indigenous People’s.

“I am standing for the Senate in NSW because I believe that Australia needs to find a New Way and free itself from being the last outpost of British colonialism. It’s long overdue for a strong Black voice to come forward and stand up for Environmental and Social Justice.”

Mr Eckford, a long-term Aboriginal and Human Rights activist, is a sheep and cattle grazing farmer on his traditional lands in northwest NSW.

“By launching my Senate Candidate campaign on the International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples I want to highlight the human rights issues still facing my people today. I also want to highlight that Aboriginal culture has always demanded a rigorous and diligent commitment to Caring for Country which is very relevant as we face the continuing issues of Climate Change.”

“We should not forget that Aboriginal People looked after this country, the native animals and plants for well over 60,000 years. This is sustainability.”

As a modern farmer on his traditional lands, Mr Eckford maintains that the integrity and continuity of his culture does not have to impede economic success.

“We can find a real balance between sustainable economic development and Caring for Country. I am committed to finding real, meaningful and sustainable solutions to sustain economic development across the various business sectors, while addressing human, environmental and cultural needs.”

“Australians now have a unique opportunity to change the way politicians do business. If you want change take the responsibility in your own hands and vote for Independents, who are not gagged by the party politics.”

Mr Eckford is joining forces with former and disaffected ALP political campaigner from the central coast of NSW, Ms Criselee Stevens, who is also standing as an independent.

“I’m encouraging everyone to vote this federal election.”

“As a result of the recent Get-Up High Court case (4/5 August 2010) everyone eligible to vote can now vote. It’s simple, just turn up at a polling station with your ID and vote for a New Way. Be Senate Smart!”

NB: The Australian Electoral Commission maintains that a candidate must use his or her registered birth name on the ballot papers. Michael Anderson – who used his mother’s married name for most of his life – had to register as Michael Eckford.

Contact: Michael Eckford (aka Michael Anderson)
Mobile: 0427 292 492 Landline: 02 6829 6355
Email: michael.eckford2010

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