WILPF: Keeping Aboriginal Women’s Culture Alive

Keeping Aboriginal Women's Culture Alive

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr Zohl dé Ishtar from the Kapululangu Aboriginal Womens Law and Culture Centre

Fr i d a y 21 Ma y ,

5.30 for 6 pm s t a r t to 8 pm

Ku r i l p a Ha l l ,

174 B o u n d a r y St r e e t , We s t E n d

Author and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Dr Zohl dé Ishtar is internationally renowned for her work with Indigenous Australian and Pacific women over the past 25 years. Since 1999 Zohl has lived and worked with the Aboriginal Women Elders in Balgo community, Western Australia. She assisted them to establish the Kapululangu Womens Law and Culture Centre one of Australias most remote womens centres and a flourishing and vibrant provider of Aboriginal Womens Law and Culture in the south-east Kimberley.

This is a rare opportunity to hear Zohl speak about the Kapululangu Elders efforts to protect and keep alive their womens knowledge and cultural practices, and to build cultural resilience among their families and community.

Learn about how you can partner with these remarkable women to close the gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous relations.

Participants: All are welcome!

Catering: Light refreshments may be purchased. Donations: Gratefully received all proceeds go to the

Kapululangu Aboriginal Womens Association.

Website: www.kapululangu.org

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0437 327890

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