Fri May 14 – Aboriginal Rights Film Premiere Screening: The Ampilatwatja Walkoff vs. The Intervention

~Support the Brisbane bus to Alice Springs for the “4 Days in July” National Aboriginal Convergence!~
Come along to this excellent event!

Brisbane Premiere Screening…
The Ampilatwatja Walkoff vs. The Intervention
A film by Actively Radical TV
(See film synopsis below…)

Friday May 14th
TLC Building

16 Peel St, South Brisbane
Doors open 6pm

With speakers including:
Gwen Taylor, QLD Council of Unions Indigenous Officer
and speakers on the “4 Day in July” convergence
Tickets $7 Concession, $12 Full waged

Cheap dinner, drinks available
Info, call Dom: 0431 638 772

ABOUT THE FILM: In July 2009, the Alyawarr people from Ampilatwatja, three hours’ north-west of Alice Springs, walked off their community and set up a protest camp on their traditional homelands. They have remained there ever since, protesting against the racist measures of the Northern Territory Intervention welfare quarantining and the basics ‘ration’ card, government seizure of Aboriginal land, suspension of the RDA and other paternalistic policies and vow they will not return until the laws are repealed and the traditional owners right’s are restored. This film tells the story of the building of the protest house, with union support, to show the governments it does not take more than two years to build one house let alone the housing that was promised, not delivered, by the Intervention. It features interviews with unionists from the CFMEU, AMWU, MUA, LHMU & AWU, Unions NT and the ACTU and activists that worked together on the project. This project saw the beginning of the movement that has called for ‘Four Days in July’, a national convergence in Alice to discuss ending the intervention and restoring Indigenous workers rights.

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  1. Janine Quine says:

    I believe there is a bus taking groups of people to Alice Springs for the convergence. Do you know who I contact for this information.

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