People in Parks

 People in Parks
 What a crazy idea!
 User pays,
 Buildings stay
 Forty storeys
 Sound construction
 Quirky's right!
 Better concrete policed by tasers
 Than wind through leaves
 Better glass than grass.
 Silly me, more tunnels
 Than child swings
 Big trucks go-between bridges
 Grind down bicycle riders
 Moving goods, jobs and property
 Rates pay for parks
 Plovers in parks
 Sound their complaint
 At sundown
 Before sleeping rough
 In this unfinished place

Ian Curr
Sept 2014… Go to Article

Leftside: wavin’ on the breeze

Book Launch of jim sharp’s book of poems, ‘leftside’

Saturday 31st Jul at 3:00- 5:00pm
TLC Building 16 Peel St., South Brisbane.

talks by Humphrey McQueen and Craig Buckley (meatworkers union) music by Jumping Fences and poetry reading Ross Clark
See you then!

Whetting his expressiveness on the everyday, as in “the waitress”, Jim recognises a significance in what appears to be little more than alienated labour.Go to Article