Orchestrated campaign against Boycott, Divestments, and Sanctions hits snag

The following comments were taken from a news item from Workplace Express, daily news updates for the Union/HR/IR mob.

Union protests not a secondary boycott, says ACCC

Protests by the MUA and Geelong Trades Hall outside Max Brenner chocolate shops as part of a campaign to boycott businesses with links to Israel were not secondary boycotts, according to the ACCC.Go to Article

Attempts to stop ‘BDS’ campaign

The Australian newspaper has published an article (8 Aug 2011) ‘Israeli boycotts: ACCC called in about the 19 people arrested in Melbourne protesting against the Max Brenner store’s support of the Israeli Defence Force.

The article claims that ”protesters allegedly blocked potential customers from entering the store as part of an “orchestrated campaign” to impose what the government believes is a secondary boycott on the chocolate and coffee store.”

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