War in Ukraine used to garner votes

It is not so long ago that former Governor General, Peter Cosgrove, as chief of the Australian Defence Forces led out our military into East Timor (1999), then Afghanistan (2001) and finally into Iraq, (2003). Peter Cosgrove would have known about the torture carried out by SAS in East Timor. Cosgrove knew the entire premise of the invasion of Iraq, that there were weapons of mass destruction, that Iraq presented an unacceptable risk to its neighbors, was a complete lie.… Go to Article

Eyes for Peace

Veteran activist of the Iraq war will tour the Spanish state against the warmongering policies of USA / Spain

Eyes for Peace

Very interesting tour of this veteran activist of the Iraq war, and the ability to tie all the knots of the frames of military policies with imperialism and with the exclusion of various kinds: sexist, racist, classist … living in your flesh (as explained in the press).… Go to Article

Are we safe – contest of fear and hope?

The Westender found this news story that we re-published in 
May last year (2013) .... If you substitute “ISIL” for 
“Al Qaeda” throughout, it still makes perfect sense today.
                         -- Quote from local paper, Brisbane

I understand The Westender is trying to highlight the specter of fear that western governments and Mass Murdoch push but I would like to look more closely at the politics of fear and show how words are important.… Go to Article

World War III?

[Editor’s Note: The Australian Government has committed to US military involvement in Iraq. Various reasons are advanced for this. The Storm Clouds Gathering video titled ‘The Geopolitics of WWIII”  tries to link the US military involvement with the Ukraine, Syria and the cold war. However there is no mention in the video of the division between the rich (in Kiev) and the poor in Eastern Ukraine.Go to Article