Strange Trial of the Sacred Fire

Beginning in 1998 the Queensland Labor Government attempted, with the support of the Aboriginal Community, to build a cultural centre in Musgrave park. The government set up a deed-of-grant-in-trust dedicating the land ‘for aboriginal and for no other purpose whatsoever’. The state government made the Brisbane City Council Trustee of the land under a deed-of-grant-in-trust.… Go to Article

Aboriginal activists to go to Turtle Island

Brisbane based Aboriginal activists Boe Spearim and Callum Clayton-Dixon will travel to Canada in August this year using Aboriginal passports.

As representatives of the Aboriginal Provisional Government, we hope to develop ties with the Native peoples of Turtle Island (Canada). We plan to visit the Mi’kmaq people currently resisting mining companies exploiting their lands, to meet with members of the newly formed National Treaty Alliance, and to see how the Nisga’a Treaty (signed in 2000) is operating on the ground.… Go to Article