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If you want peace, prepare for peace, not for war” says IPAN

Defence Minister Peter Dutton’s talk of war is dangerous to all in the Pacific

  • The beneficiaries are the weapons manufacturers
  • War with China is a lose-lose scenario
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reports annual US $2.11 trillion spending on military
  • Mature leadership is needed for peace and a secure environment

Mr Dutton today again used scare tactics in an apparent desperate bid to see his government re-elected at the upcoming federal election.

“Hearing our country’s defence minister likening China today to Germany in the 1930’s and saying that we must prepare for war is dangerous provocative rhetoric”, said Ms Brownlie, IPAN’s Chairperson.
“This coupled with the Prime Minister Scott Morrison talking about an ‘arc of autocracy’ and ‘red lines’ must be alarming to all Australians.”

“We are all shocked and horrified by the ongoing war in Ukraine where people are being needlessly killed as collateral damage and suffering the loss of their homes, livelihoods and history. Mr Dutton and Mr Morrison’s reckless talk of war coming to Australia must be condemned”

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute today released their annual report on military spending with the news that this has increased dramatically to US $2.11 trillion which is so fundamentally wrong while resources are not being spent on the transition to a fossil fuel free future, on health, nutrition, education, housing and many more social needs.

Australians want and expect mature leadership which prioritises dialogue and diplomacy and respect for United Nations laws including the Treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons (TPNW) which came into effect early 2021.

IPAN believes this government needs to be removed with a strong call to a new government for peace and genuine security through cooperation dealing with the existential problems facing Australians and all humanity, climate change pandemics and nuclear war.

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