Catholic workers in Brisbane/Meanjin

We publish this research paper by Vivien Fleming about the Catholic Workers in Brisbane/Meanjin. Vivien is now embarking on a PhD to provide a comprehensive history of Brisbane’s CW from the 1980s to date. Any assistance that you can provide Vivien would be greatly appreciated.

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In 1987 I helped print the Christmas edition of Mutual Aid on the offset press of LeftPress Printing Society (which is still going). However in the proof of the next edition of Mutual Aid there was an anti-abortion article which we believed challenged women’s right to control their own bodies and LeftPress, as a collective, decided not to print that edition and to withdraw our assistance to the group.

The attached research by Vivien Fleming dealing with CW’s Mutual Aid newsletter (1980-2002) maybe of interest to people who are curious about:

– Radical history of Brisbane.

– Catholic Worker/ Christian anarchist praxis

– Solidarity work with indigenous Australia, prisoners, East Timor, Iraq & Afghanistan.

– Anti-war, anti-nuclear & civil liberties resistance.

– Nonviolent Resistance, Self Managed Industry & the Hospitality for the Homeless.

We post below Vivien’s research, a gallery of Mutual Aid Covers and the 1987 Edition of Mutual Aid printed by LeftPress Printing Society.

An especial thanks to the author, Vivien Fleming, for granting permission for this history to be posted here. Thanks also to our old comrade, Ciaron O’Reilly, for making this possible.

Ian Curr
11 July 2022

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  1. Vivien Fleming says:

    Greetings. I’m the author of this paper and am planning further academic research on the history of the Catholic Worker Movement in Brisbane. I’d appreciate hearing from former members of the movement or those who have interacted with it over the last 40 years. You can email at Thanks in anticipation.

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