US Military bases in the Pacific

The hypocrisy of US and Australian governments over a Chinese base in the Solomon islands is exposed by Jeju activists. The US has many bases in the Pacific including Guam, Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, Philippines and Australia. Jeju activists are planning further actions opposing “Rim of the Pacific” war games (RIMPAC) led by the US in June/July 2022. Thanks to Just Peace for passing on this information – Ian Curr, Ed., 1 June 2022.

In the Gangjeong seas, where soft corals used to thrive, where dolphins used to swim, we often hold sea protests outside the Jeju Naval Base calling for the base to be closed. This time, with a submarine visible in the distance and the Marado warship visible inside the base, we called especially for the cancellation of RIMPAC, the massively destructive international war exercises in which Korean warships (including the Marado) will participate this July-August in Hawaiʻi.

Pacific Peace Network member Kaia in Jeju reports on the RIMPAC campaign.

Regarding the sea protest in Jeju and Inter-Island Solidarity/Peace for the Sea peace camps: “in Jeju, a peace ‘’flotilla’’ of small craft protested RIMPAC training at the Jeju naval base where the Republic of South Korea naval vessel (Marado), that is joining RIMPAC, has berthed. (The Korean base has also hosted many foreign ships including many US ships) (see photos below). Inter-Island Solidarity for Peace (which has a committee in Jeju and a network across mostly Northeast Asia), are aiming to revive the (locally hosted, rotating) ‘’Peace Camps’’ movement – Okinawa also involved in the peace camps revival. The last peace camp in the Okinawan Islands was 5 years ago (Peace Camps were held in Jeju 2014, Okinawa 2015, Taiwan 2016, Ishigaki 2017, Jeju 2018, Kinmen 2019.)” [..] “Kayaks and a sailboat protested outside the naval base where the ROKS Marado has berthed in the lead-up to RIMPAC training.

The Inter-Island Solidarity for Peace organisation is reviving the ‘’Peace Camps’’ movement with regional organisations. Another demonstration at the sea entrance of the Jeju Naval Base is planned for 24 June, along with a statement release press conference at the front gates of the base. 

The Jeju advocates are keen to learn of plans for direct actions in Hawaii (eg Red Hill fuel depot protest) especially for RIMPAC ’22 protests (Br. Song would like to join if sea actions are possible in Hawaii this year).” 

Yesterday, I posted a video of our May 25 sea protest in Jeju at 

Today the ROKS Marado, Munmu and Sejong departed from Jeju Naval Base, and we tried to follow by sailboat, but warships are very fast and we shouted at them from a distance, while Sunghee and others protested at the front gate of the base. 

Also, I saw the DSA recording shared by World Beyond War. The youtube link is: 



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