‘Rim of the Pacific’ war games

The Pacific Peace Network has members in countries across the Pacific from Korea to Hawaii. This was an initiative coming out of the Darwin IPAN conference in 2019.

 We are planning actions to protest the largest military marine land and air exercise RIMPAC in July/August with 27 countries sending military forces to ‘engage the enemy’. RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific) is held every 2 years alternating with the other largest exercise Talisman Sabre in Qld.

We hope there will be protests held in Australia in July/August- please let me know if you can organise an event from pickets to art exhibitions, FB events, letter writing campaigns or music.

The activists from Jeju here share a few pictures from their sea protest in Gangjeong yesterday, where the ROKS Marado, which is planned to join RIMPAC is docked at the Jeju Navy Base.

For peace Annette Borwnlie

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