Democratic Rights attacked

The Liberal city council has banned Max Chandler-Mather from putting up signs like these. Max is running in the seat of Griffith for the Greens in the 2022 Federal Election. Brisbane City Council has banned his organisation from putting up more than a few signs around the seat of Griffith.

My protest for this undemocratic action is to put up his sign and not to take it down as requested by council.

Brisbane City Council has placed a limit on political signage in front yards and threatened the Greens candidate Max Chandler-Mather and his supporters with fines if they do not remove the yardsigns (pictured). Will the sitting member and the other candidates come out against this attack on democratic rights? I doubt it, because, unlike the Greens, they are fully cashed up. Like Queensland’s own oligarch, Clive Palmer, with his monstrous yellow signs shouting out “Freedom”. Palmer does not know the meaning of the word — unless it is the freedom to exploit workers as he did at Yabulu Nickel mine just north of Townsville!  @Workers BushTelegraph 

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