Blockading War Crimes in Meanjin (Brisbane)

Jim Dowling was one of the people arrested at the Land Forces Expo at the Brisbane Convention Centre in June 2021. He spent 4 days in the watchouse after being dragged down from the truck going into the arms expo. Now the charges have been dropped. Here is Jim’s account:

The State gets Lucky

Looks like the state got lucky this time.

They won’t have to face their complicity in the crimes arising form the sponsoring of the merchants of death at the Convention centre last year (Land Forces).

Jim and Andy protest 'Merchants of Death'Jim and Andy on top of the Land Forces truck

At least not in relation to the arrest of Andy and I for climbing on the truck and holding up the delivery to the Land Forces conference..

Police have dropped the charges.
I was charged with Public Nuisance, and littering for throwing fake money while dressed as the spectre of death. The actual trial was due to be heard next week.

The prosecutor rang me this morning and said they were dropping the charges. He had already implied this might happen last week if they could not get the truck driver to appear in court.

Land Forces protest
Blockading War Crimes in Meanjin

I still have charges arising from climbing on the roof of Thales (Arms dealers in Meanjin) leading up to the conference. That case is due to be heard in march.

The struggle continues.


There will be a new Land Forces conference held in October this year at the same venue with hopefully even more resistance. Say No to war in Meanjin!

Here is another report on war crime from a Bedouin in Cyberspace, Mazin Qumsiyeh:

Challenge to Israel’s Supporters: Tell Me What’s Untrue in Amnesty’s Report on Israel
The mainstream corporate media serving the military industrial complex focuses on the supposed coming war on Ukraine (actually the media and NATO are rooting for a global war as they have to justify stripping people of basic services to have massive military); the same for the rooting of conflict with and China; there is ongoing human rights violations and even ongoing genocidalactions in places like Yemen and Gaza  that are being dusted under the carpet by the Western powers who are complicit in those (exhibit example the attack on Amnesty International for its report on Israeli apartheid); Hundreds of Palestinians held prisoner in the Israeli system are boycotting the unfair military courts that keep extending their administrative detentions (imprisonment for months and some times years without trial);

There is medical neglect and abuse of prisoners (including female and child prisoners); distractions and obfuscations also help to hide the failure of the self appointed rulers of the world (US government and its cronies in the ever expanding NATO and puppets in the gulf region) to address the catastrophic situations of climate change, habitat destruction, overexploitation, colonialism, war crimes, pollution (I read frightening reports about micro-plastics in our food, water, and even air we breathe) inequality, and unchecked greed/capitalism.

Democrats Attack Amnesty Report on Israel to Justify US Complicity in Human Rights Abuses

Challenge to Israel’s Supporters: Tell Me What’s Untrue in Amnesty’s Report on Israel

Mazin Qumsiyeh

A Bedouin in cyberspace, a Villager at home

Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director

Palestine Museum of Natural History

Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability

Bethlehem University

Occupied Palestine

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