Scattered People in 2022

There is a little piece of LeftPress  footage in the film Scattered People about refugees that has just been released. Should yet another war break out, perhaps in Eastern Europe, we can expect many more scattered people in 2022.

I shot the footage while doing the sound using the LeftPress PA system at a rally at Brisbane Immigration Detention Centre (BITA) ten years ago in 2012.

Some of you will recognise the local musicians, as well as the famous ones, who participated in the making of the film. For example, perennial West Ender, Chris Anderson from Moni Zow, is in the film.

Here is some of the footage I shot that day … it is a speech by Ian Rintoul given at the rally on the 21 July 2022 opposing offshore processing.

Ten years ago, there were over 4500 asylum seekers languishing in detention in Australia, with a federal Labor government that was thoroughly committed to mandatory detention; and a federal opposition that said that Labor’s hard line is “too soft”, and they will introduce even more cruel policies. 80 people came to Brisbane’s very own detention centre, the BITA, “Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation” at Pinkenba and let everyone know that these policies are unacceptable.

The rally demanded freedom and justice for refugees!

When: 2pm, Saturday 21st July.
Where: 100 Sugarmill Rd, Pinkenba.

Surely a better world is possible!

LeftPress film footage
To obtain permission for use of film write to LeftPress c/- Ian Curr @ Please include 1.Acknowledgement of country never ceded – the footage was shot on Turbul and Jagera land in Meanjin (Brisbane). 2. Please Acknowledge source of footage as Left Press Printing Society 3. Please provide link to rough cut for context viewing or final cut of film or derivative works.

License is Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed).

Ian Curr
27 January 2022

Scattered People in 2022 | Sydney debut | Festivals

From the filmmakers
Welcome to 2022 and the next incarnation of Scattered People screenings!

2021 was a bit crazy and we were fleet of foot, rescheduling and balancing events, running the lockdown gauntlet. As a result, we have extended our screening period to June 2022 to meet the demand from so many wonderful screening partners who had to postpone the film. There’s more information on how to hold a screening below.

Coming up we are thrilled to announce our long-awaited Sydney debut at the Ritz Cinemas in Randwick, presented by the indefatigable Asylum Seekers Centre on 10 Feb. It’s moved to a larger theatre and a few dozen extra tickets have been been released.

And hold on to your hats as we also have a bunch of new screening dates around the country coming online soon. Please follow our Facebook page for updates.

And we were stoked to be chosen and receive recognition from several film festivals including the Sanctuary Cove International Film Festival. If you are hosting an event soon, please refresh your promotional material here with our festival laurels.

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