From Australia to Cuba with Love

Join us to mark the 63rd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and launch ‘From Australia to Cuba with Love’ where we aim to collectively travel the distance between Australia and Cuba and highlight the injustice of the US blockade. Sign up on the day! Tee-shirts, badges, and more. We’ll have a short walk and/or ride to kick off our campaign.Bring a hat, a plate to share, water and sunscreen. SIGN UP HERE:

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We are gathering at Speakers Corner outside Parliament House in George St at 3pm on 1 Jan 2021.
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Please sign up,
Ian Curr
31 Dec 2021

Latest from ACFS:

Thank you for signing up to From Australia to Cuba with Love, a campaign to raise awareness of the sanctions imposed by the United States on Cuba (collectively these sanctions are referred to as The Blockade). We are also raising money for vital medical equipment needed in Cuba. Tomorrow, January 1st, we will launch our campaign.

For those of you in Brisbane, we will be meeting at 3pm at Speakers’ Corner, outside Parliament House in George Street. Please bring a hat, sunscreen and water. For those of you who would like a t-shirt, they will also be available at our launch.

Your participation strengthens the broader international solidarity movement, which plays a significant role in supporting Cuba in the face of more than sixty years of hostility by the United States government. By undertaking activity in public, wearing the tee-shirt or the badge, you will encounter people who want to know more about our campaign.

Our target of 14,886 km is challenging but feasible as more people join us over the course of the campaign. Please note, we have reset all participant profiles to zero for January 1st.

You can measure the distance travelled in your activities and either enter them manually into your user dashboard on the campaign website, or alternatively, link the free version of the Strava app on your phone to the campaign website and automatically log your travels. A guide on how to do this is below.

Getting friends, family, and others to sponsor you will help raise money for medical projects overseen by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP). This follows a fantastic effort by Australians in sending medical resources to Cuba in late 2021 and will further consolidate a symbolic bridging of the distance between our two countries.

We also encourage you to share photos and stories of your journey on your blog space on the campaign website, and share them to Facebook, Instagram and other social media using the hashtag #UnblockCuba

Yours in solidarity

Sue Monk
Australia–Cuba Friendship Society (Brisbane)


There are two ways you can log the distance you travel in your activities; 1) manually or 2) automatically using the Strava app on your phone.


Each time you undertake an activity, log the distance you have travelled.


That’s it! Your activity will be added to your profile.


To do this you will need a smart phone (Android or iPhone)

  1. or

If you have any difficulties email Lachlan at or call 0417231895.

Looking forward to joining you over the next 15 weeks!

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