The Podcaster’s Audio Handbook: A Technical Guide for Creative People

I have written a book about audio engineering for podcasters. It’s only once in your life that you release your first book, so I thought I should tell everyone. It’s called ‘The Podcaster’s Audio Handbook: A Technical Guide for Creative People‘. It has a really good cover.

The book is aimed at beginner and intermediate podcasters, and I have written it to be accessible to different types of learners. It’s written in plain English and it concentrates on the easiest and most effective ways to make a quality podcast. It’s got lots of pictures, diagrams, and also cartoons. It has audio files so that you can learn to diagnose and prevent common audio issues. My hope is that this resource will help a wide variety of people to express themselves through podcasting.
Audio advice is illustrated with cartoons

You can pre-order it here

One of the best things about the book is that it has us in it. It has our community, our values, the issues we’ve fought for, and the work that we’ve done together. Riah did the technical review; Tuffy worked on the photos; Ian helped out with testing about a dozen remote recording methods; there’s a write-up of Andy’s work protesting Pine Gap; and so on. As a special bonus, you should know that many of the cartoons are based on our friends.

Here’s what award-winning audio producer, oral historian and journalist Nicole Curby has to say about this resource:
“This is a brilliant guide to the A – Z of podcasting. Thoroughly comprehensive but never overwhelming, there is so much to learn here for beginners and experienced podcasters alike. Corey brings a wealth of knowledge, and in a stroke of genius she has created a handbook that is accessible, fun, engaging and even funny! Essential reading for anyone who wants to make a great podcast.”
So if you, or your friend or your second cousin might be interested in this book, please tell them about it. Once again you can buy it from the publishers at or from any reputable bookstore. It’s available as an ebook or softcover.

Corey Green

28 October 2021

Corey Marie Green is an audio engineer from Melbourne, Australia, who specializes in podcasting and radio. She has filled many roles in her radio career, including journalist, producer, editor, and sound engineer at live events. Through her business, Transducer Audio, she provides a range of services for podcasters including editing, content development and training.

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