Message from Middle East Children’s Alliance

  Show your solidarity – donate to provide food parcels to families in Lebanon

A recent report by the World Bank says Lebanon’s current economic and financial crisis is among the world’s worst since the 1850s.

The report is full of statistics and dire predictions, but it does not say much about the terrible ways people on the ground are suffering. It does not describe the desperation of refugees who make up one fifth of Lebanon’s population and are the most vulnerable and in need.  It is a shame to see people go hungry and not have their right to food and eating. PWHO would like to support Palestinian and Syrian refugees with fruits, vegetables and other food items that will be enough for two weeks.
-From the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organization, MECA’s partner in Lebanon

Please give now to deliver food parcels to refugee families in Lebanon Farmers and women’s cooperatives in Lebanon will provide the healthy local foods for our food parcels. So your donation will also be supporting farmers and women who are struggling to feed their own families during this very difficult time. PWHO is based in the refugee camps near Beirut. The staff and volunteers themselves are refugees. Every day they see how people who fled Palestine seventy years ago and people who fled Syria ten years ago struggle to meet their basic needs. Here’s how Dr. Olfat Mahmoud, Director at PWHO described the current situation facing refugees: The economic crisis that began in Lebanon in late 2019, and was exacerbated by the COVID 19 pandemic and the 4 August 2020 Beirut blast, has led to over half the country’s population living in poverty. Even those who had enjoyed a good, comfortable standard of living now struggle with soaring prices. So for many the residents of the refugee camps, who were already living in poverty, the basic essentials, including food, are now unaffordable.

PWHO is providing what support it can to alleviate the situation for the families
most in need. MECA’s contributions help to ease the situation for those most desperately in need.

Read more about the dire situation in Lebanon Thanks to your support, PWHO and other MECA partners in Lebanon have been providing refugee families with food, hygiene supplies, home repairs, warm coats and blankets in the winter, as well academic classes and psychological support. Your contribution now of $40, $80, or even $400 or as much as you can afford will deliver fresh produce and staples to families in need and send a strong message of support and solidarity. MECA’s goal is to raise $40,000 in the next six weeks to provide food parcels to 1,000 families. The women of PWHO are calling on MECA to provide something very simple and vital to the health and lives of people who have lost so much over so many years. Please be as generous you can. Shukran (Thank you), Zeiad Abbas Shamrouch
Executive DirectorP.S. Remember, the cost of food is now out of reach for many refugees in Lebanon. But for your $40 donation to MECA now, we can provide a parcel with healthy, basic foods for one family.  Thank you. 

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