Trev’s Brisbane Forecast for next 7 Days from 29 June

Aren’t you glad we are not on the Pacific north-west coast of America with an extreme heat wave raising maximum temperatures to the mid to high 40Cs – never recorded before, and most probably associated with global heating. 

According to long term records, Portland’s June temperatures should be similar to June temperatures in Brisbane. “The first month of the summer, in Portland, is a pleasant month, with average temperature varying between 48.4°F (9.1°C) and 72.1°F (22.3°C). In Portland, the average high-temperature is essentially the same as in May – an agreeable 72.1°F (22.3°C).   So what they are getting in Portland Oregon are temperatures that are well and truly off the planet.

Well last week we got some light coastal showers as predicted. This week a similar pattern again is expected with even higher probability of rain at times increasing to 100 percent by Saturday. Winds will tend easterly ahead of the deepening trough and then swing to the west and finally south again by Sunday and Monday. Under the cloud temperatures will range from 14 to 19C.  Sunday and Monday are looking like the best days outdoors again as the rain ceases.

See ya next week. Trev the Weatherman

Source: and Bureau of Meteorology