Trev’s Weather forecast from 8 June

Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 8 June

A cold snap is coming but that doesn’t mean the Earth’s climate is cooling as climate change deniers immediately spruik. The climate’s rapid warming is based on sound physics of the greenhouse effect, known since at least 1859. This is credited to Irish physicist John Tyndall. He published a series of studies at this time on the way greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide trapped heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. But scientist Eunice Foote actually published a paper on this topic first in 1856. Well there’s nothing new in women’s contribution to science being suppressed. We still live in a male dominated sexist world.

This week is predicted to be fairly similar to last week but with temperatures getting much colder as we see a cold front, rather than a trough line, move across eastern Australian from the west. This should bring a shower or two on Wednesday, with a possible storm. Winds should pick up on Wednesday and swing again from north, through to north-west and finally around to southerly as a low pressure system intensifies off the southern New South Wales coast. The circulation of air around this low will draw cold air from the deep south with temperatures falling to 6C minimums.  

So rug up and stay indoors with lots of hot drinks, or some rigorous exercise outdoors.

See ya next week. Trev the Weatherman

8 Jun Forecast

Source: and Bureau of Meteorology