Guns in the cathedral on Anzac Day

St Stephens Cathedral Brisbane

Prior to the 2020 Covid year, a group of us has been engaged in trying to remove guns from the Cathedral on Anzac Day.

This year we did not engage the blasphemy that has perverted the Catholic mass on Anzac Day. 

Earlier in the year we were told Anzac day ceremonies would not go ahead (as last year) because of Covid. I realised more recently this was not the case, and the usual mass would likely go ahead.

We did nothing this year. Mea culpa!

In our local Dayboro church, I thought we had Anzac Day patriotism under control.  (How wrong I was) Last year there were just prayers for all the victims of war. I was very impressed. 

Yesterday it was a horror show! In the middle of mass a painting of a soldier with a gun standing in a field of red poppies with a white cross in front of him.(Symbolising how we had finally killed that peace loving troublemaker, Jesus, perhaps?)

At the end of mass, the last post played we were invited to read a long blasphemous prayer, with included the disgusting line about how Australia was come of age on the battlefield of WW1. 

Does the mindless killing and dying for the British Empire really define us? 

I suspect this sudden upsurge in patriotism may relate to the fact that the Australian military is in the midst of shaming for SAS war crimes in Afghanistan – at least 39 civilians murdered, bodies desecrated, young soldiers “blooded”.

Rather than face the true horror of war, and Australia’s role in it, we revert to mindless patriotism – as every nation has done since war began.

Four of us go to court in September for a resistance action at the Swan Island military base in Victoria where we called for the SAS to be disbanded. 

We have also been engaged in a campaign against Australia’s massive recent investment in the arms industry. ( A few years ago the Prime minster announced his noble goal of putting Australia in the top ten of nations making weapons of war.) We have been doing actions at various new arms factories in Brisbane. There will be a large resistance to the Land Warfare Conference at the Brisbane Convention Centre, starting in the first of June. 

You can read about these at Wage Peace website.

We will also definitely continue the campaign against guns in the Cathedral.

Feel free to join any of the above.




Tony Robinson was at yesterday’s Anzac Day mass in the Cathedral. Below is a link to his blog post