Greens hold army to account over war crimes

The 20 year war in Afghanistan has led to horrific deaths of civilians, and loss of normal living and has cost the lives of many of the invading forces in a war which was nothing to do with defending Australia. – Annette Brownlie, Just Peace, Brisbane (on fb).

I recall Green’s Scott Ludlum trying to bring Australian war criminals to account in the senate. He left the senate probably too dismayed to waste his time any further. Now Jordan Steele-John is going through a similar process. Will he follow in Scott Ludlum’s shoes?

War Crimes in Afghanistan

Thirty-nine (39) murders of Afghan civilians were identified by the Brereton Inquiry and were perpetrated by twenty-five (25) Australian soldiers mainly from the Special Air Services regiment (SASR). The Brereton Inquiry was instigated in response to the video evidence of murders after the ADF and successive governments tried to cover up the massacre of prisoners, farmers, civilians and unarmed people by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

As we continue to investigate the horrific allegations of war crimes carried out by Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan, it is critical that everyone is held to account, particularly the government and the military chain of command.So, this afternoon I grilled the Chief of the Defence Force and the Chief of Army. – Greens Senator Steele-John