Some Medevac refugees win fight for freedom

Congratulations to Refugee Solidarity Meanjin, Refugee Action Collective and Unions for Refugees in Brisbane for their sustained campaign to achieve the release of Medevac refugees. Please see reports below from Refugee Solidarity (Meanjin) and the ABC. – Ed., WBT.


We wanted to share this footage with every person who has sat in protest and solidarity on Walmsley street. It might just look like a van leaving a building.

But it’s not.

This is the moment yesterday when our friend became free after seven years.

When the first of the KP120 became free.

You have seen him on the balcony for months, and have heard the words of his poetry read from the footpath.

There are no words for our joy and our grief.

There is still a journey ahead for him, it won’t be easy.

But today take a moment to watch it, soak it in and celebrate.

To all our other friends still locked inside, we see you, we’re with you.

And we will keep fighting, because we will not stop until every single person is free.

Faraday Bandesh wins freedom after 8 years