Ipswich Residents Fed up with being told Rubbish about Incinerators

Ipswich Residents who are concerned about the proposed Remondis Incinerator in Ipswich are taking matters into their own hands concerned politicians aren’t doing enough to protect their health and the environment.  

They will blockade the Head Office Waste Office Transfer Station in Rocklea to send a message to the proposer and the State Government that they will fight this every day until the WtE Incinerator is scrapped.

         When 7am Friday October 9

         Where 69 Grindle Road, Rocklea

On the scene were spokesperson, protesters signage, blockage of entry for dump trucks, and Ippy Ibis the 7th foot Bin Chicken!

Ipswich Residents Fed up with being told Rubbish about Incinerators

A group of Ipswich residents fed up with being told rubbish at plans for a Toxic “Waste to Energy” Incinerator in their community took action into their own hands today.

“We are here today because the State Government has cynically told us some complete garbage about the proposal and the Incinerator” Incinerator Action Group Spokesperson, Jim Dodrill said. “The local Labor Government MPs have written to the Co-Ordinator General and encouraged our residents to do the same, but it’s stinks more than the rubbish super dumps.”

Residents said they knew it was rubbish after checking the appropriate Acts and Regulations of Parliament covering approvals of a Co-Ordinated Project by the Office of the Co-Ordinator General which cannot take public submissions by Members of Parliament nor members of the community.

“It’s rubbish, they’ve done this for political reasons, knowing there is no outcome, it’s very disappointing that they have been so disingenuous”

Residents are concerned over the lack of detail in the controversial proposal which has become a huge issue throughout the world with high cancer rates, pollution, and substantial drops in Housing prices for communities surrounding the Incinerators.

And they had powerful backing by sitting MP for Mairwar Michael Berkman from the Qld Greens.

“The Minister for State Development and the members for Ipswich West, Ipswich, Bundamba and Jordan electorates could immediately put a stop to the proposal. Instead have been cheer leaders for Remondis and have ignored the concerns of residents.”

“What Ipswich needs is a proper recycling and waste recovery industry. We know that burning rubbish mobilises carcinogenic fine particulate matter, like lead, mercury and dioxins. The Queensland Government should be investing in jobs and technology that don’t contribute to increased health risks for the community.”

The fed up Ipswich residents said they couldn’t take the garbage anymore so took their own message directly to Remondis.

“We obviously can’t trust those in power enough to represent our interests so we need to take on the rubbish and trash talk directly with the company directly ourselves.” Mr Dodrill said.

“We are here today, in the first of many planned events over the coming weeks, to send a message to Remondis and those in Government that we are here to send them a message, and that we won’t cop this rubbish!”

Angry residents said they were empowered by the actions in Sydney, Melbourne and the ACT where residents had stood up against the interests of big business and for the health of their community and won.

Residents have organised a series of protests, have election signage, stickers and campaign strategies ready to take on the waste industry and the political parties over this controversial  issue.

For more information Contact : Steve Axe Media Facilitator-Incinerator Action Group 0408  772 629