Where is Justice?

Refugees ... face all sorts of problems, 
as well as losing their minds 
                     - Pamela Curr 
                       SMH 10 Oct 2015

In his article Cracks in the wall of refugee cruelty Andy Paine writes:

“Another momentary crack has appeared in that seemingly impenetrable wall of refugee cruelty. It has allowed for an exchange of human solidarity between isolated refugees and exasperated supporters, inspiring both to keep going. With the blockade (on Main Street, Kangaroo Point) demanding an end to forced transfers and release from detention by Christmas, and a year that continually seems to produce the unexpected, it just might lead to something more permanent.”

Dutton in contempt

Not only does Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, have blood on his hands after the cruel treatment of refugees but he’s now showing contempt for the courts. In a recent trial involving a visa application the presiding judge had this to say about Dutton’s contempt:

“Irrespective of whether the Respondent Ministers consider the decision to be “plainly wrong”, and irrespective of any personal assessment by the Respondent Ministers as to their prospects of success on appeal, the decision in BAL19 represents the law which those Ministers are bound to apply. A course not open to the Respondent Ministers, but a course which they seem to unlawfully and repeatedly persist in pursuing, is to continue to administer the law on their own understanding of what the law is (or what it “should be”), and not as settled in BAL19, or to equally unlawfully administer the law in a manner which they hope will be settled by the Full Court on appeal.”

Dutton’s lawyers had this to say:

“As the Minister has now appealed the judgment of Justice Flick, no decision will be made on your client’s visa application pending the outcome of the appeal. The Minister’s position is that s 501A is an available power in relation to your client’s visa application and that Justice Flick was in error in finding that the delay in making such a decision was unreasonable and that s 501A was not an available power in the circumstances of this matter. Any decision made prior to the resolution of the appeal as to whether BAL19 was wrongly decided would render the appeal moot.”

Cowardly Peter Dutton slinking off at James Taylor concert … the guy behind me said it’s a shame you never have a baseball bat when you need one! The LNP have blood on their hands!

Banner Photo: Police blockade at Kangaroo Point apartments Main Street, June 2020.

Ian Curr
19 June 2020



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