Algiers Motel, Detroit

The Algiers Motel incident occurred in Detroit, Michigan, United States, throughout the night of July 25–26, 1967. On that warm, humid night, the establishment was hosting a party for several veterans, including two servicemen recently returned from the Vietnam War, and the bar’s patrons were reluctant to leave the air-conditioned club. Out in the street, a crowd began … Continue reading Algiers Motel, Detroit

Cuba fighting Covid-19 and the US Blockade

Presentation from Prof. Jorge Fraga, PhD. He is Master in Parasitology specializing in Molecular Parasitology, with a doctorate in Medical Sciences. Working since 1998 at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri in Havana, Cuba, he is now director of Science and Innovation and head of the unit of Molecular Parasitology. Full Professor and Senior … Continue reading Cuba fighting Covid-19 and the US Blockade