Coal and Water

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Today we hear some of the effects the coal mining industry is having on our water usage – from the Latrobe Valley in Victoria to southern Sydney’s water catchment, locals are having to fight governments and the fossil fuel industry to protect the water we need for life.

We speak with scientist Peter Dupen about the call to stop mining in the Woronara water catchment and Tracey Anton from Friends of Latrobe Water.

A coalition of scientists is calling on Premier Gladys Berejiklian to halt coal mining in Greater Sydney’s water catchment.

We the undersigned write as concerned academic researchers and scientists to urge an ongoing suspension of the approval processes for any further planning applications or post-approval plans (Subsidence Management Plans and Extraction Plans) for mining in the Schedule 1 Special Areas of the Sydney Drinking Water Catchment. A summary of our reasons for seeking a suspension of mining approvals is attached.

Disappearing creeks, bulging valleys, a shifting dam wall and a lack of monitoring are among the reasons to halt the mining.

Worona Water Catchment, west of Sydney


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