The End of History

International Relations – Assange, Manning & Snowden – the greatest research assistants of our time! We publish Humphrey McQueen’s comments on an unnamed article by David Martin Jones in the Institute of Public Affairs review. The IPA is a right-wing think tank that has been around since the 1940s.

As much as I sympathise with David Martin Jones’s disparagement of the touchy-feely International Relations around academe, I could not ignore that  he repeats all the errors about Fukuyama that infect every shade of opinion.

How is it that so many bright sparks cannot read what is on the page? Or it that almost none of them bothers to do more than regurgitate conventional ignorance?

The professor cannot even get the chronology correct. Fukuyama’s article in The National Interest appeared months before the Wall came down.

Of course, it calls for a degree of subtle learning to appreciate that Fukuyama’s Hegelian notion of History came to its End under Napoleon and has next-to-nothing to do with ‘events’ so loved by bourgeois fact-grubbers – or by Foucault. The second half of the title to Fukuyama’s book, ‘and the Last Man’, comes from Nietzsche, that demi-god for the touchy-feelies.

As for the end of ideology, wasn’t that the title of Daniel Bell’s 1960 book?

Despite these run-of-the-mill flaws, I look forward to Jones’s enthusiastic review of Clinton Fernandes’s What Uncle Sam Wants, based as it is on 700,000 pages of the Wikileaks downloads, supplied gratis to professors of International Relations by their greatest ever research assistant, Chelsea Manning, and subsequently supplemented by the good graces of Edward Snowden. Indeed, we have seen nothing like their endowments to scholarship since the Bolsheviks published the secret diplomacy of Sikes and Picot, not forgetting the documentation of the criminality of the U.S. warfare state through the Church Committee in the 1970s.

I feel confident that you will have contracted Jones to fill your next issue with a paean to Fernandes’s summation of the Wikileaks material, revealing as it does actualities of economic relations throughout Australia, which are more than a games theorist can compute.

Humphrey McQueen

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