No war on Iran – bring the troops home

Brisbane: 11am King George Square Sat 25 Jan 2020 Speakers:  Habib Jamal - Islamic Council of QldFrederika Steen - Human Rights advocateMichael McNally - Qld Secretary National Tertiary Education UnionJonathan Sri - Greens Councillor for the Gabba Ward Media contact - Annette Brownlie 0431597256 Australia joined with the US and UK in a coalition to … Continue reading No war on Iran – bring the troops home

Justice for Debbing Creek

Lawless Ipswich council allows AV Jennings to run roughshod over Aboriginal Land According to Willie Mackenzie, an Aboriginal man born in Kilcoy in 1875, there were three tribal subdivisions which frequented the Ipswich area. The tribes resided in locality groups, each group occupying a portion of the tribal territory that was recognised as its peculiar … Continue reading Justice for Debbing Creek