Jonno Sri’s plea for people to enrol

Vote in 2020 local government elections!

A few people have asked me lately what my chances are of getting re-elected in the council election on 28 March.

The honest answer is that we just don’t know.

This is the first time in Queensland history that a sitting Greens councillor is up for re-election, and we have no idea what kind of impact the hostile conservative media and the negative attacks from other parties is likely to have.

The Greens can’t afford to do any local polling, and polling is super unreliable anyway.

We do know that when we talk to people out in the community, most residents say they are pretty happy with me.

One of the biggest threats to my re-election chances is if a lot of newer Greens-leaning residents don’t enrol to vote or update their enrolment address.

If you’ve recently become eligible to vote (e.g. you turned 18) or you’ve recently moved into inner-city Brisbane, you can enrol to vote or update your address via this link:

If you’re not sure what address you’re currently enrolled at, you can also check your enrolment status via this link:

PLEASE spread the word and tell everyone you know to make sure their enrolment is up to date. We only have a few weeks left before the electoral roll closes for the council election. There are literally THOUSANDS of people – particularly young people in sharehouses – who’ve lived in the area for a couple of years, but are still enrolled at their parents’ address or some older address.

Share this post around! Make sure your friends realise that if they want to vote for a different future for our city, where public transport is free and frequent, where our neighbourhoods are green and walkable, and where everyone can afford a roof over their heads, they need to update their enrolment!

Jonathan Sri
Councillor for the Gabba Ward

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