Carols at Preston Hotel

Grandmothers bring ‘comfort and joy’ to the Men in Mantra

Grandmothers for Refugees have been inundated with calls from people wanting to join their Christmas Carolling Vigil on Sunday evening at the Preston Motel where dozens of sick asylum seekers ‘medevacced’ from PNG are being held in detention.

The men, all assessed by doctors as in need of urgent medical treatment in Australia, are reportedly being held two and three to a motel room on the third floor of the Mantra Bell Preston motel.

“It appalled us that these men seeking asylum are facing yet another season of goodwill without any signal of care and compassion from those who owe them a duty of care.

“So, the Grandmothers decided to hold a vigil for just one hour, singing the Carols that many families will sing together this Christmas,” said Jean Ker Walsh, Chair of Grandmothers for Refugees.

“These songs speak of comfort, of peace and joy to the world. 

“We can’t imagine what these words mean to the likes of Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton when they hear them.  By their deliberate decision, sick and desperate people forced to flee far from home are made as miserable as possible.

“Well, not in our name.  Even for an hour, we want to let the men in Mantra know that there are Australians who genuinely wish them comfort and joy now, and good health and freedom in the new year.”

WHAT:          Grandmothers for Refugees Christmas Carolling Vigil

WHEN:          Sunday, 22 December 2019, 7-8pm

WHERE:        Mantra Bell City, 215 Bell St, Preston

CONTACT:    Jean Ker Walsh, 0413834646

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