Bring Julian Home

Forum at Kurilpa Hall, Brisbane, on 11 Dec 2019 with John Shipton (Julian’s Dad), Ciaron O’Reilly (Peace Activist), Michael Cope (Civil Liberties), David Donovan (Independent Australia), and Michelle Pini (Independent Australia).

2 responses to “Bring Julian Home

  1. President: Don’t you agree that we have to pursue the … (redacted) case?

    Attorney General: No question about it. No question about it. This is the one sanction we have, is to get at the individuals …

    President: Let’s get the son of a bitch into jail.

    National Security Advisor: We’ve got to get him, we’ve got to get him …

    President: Don’t worry about his trial. Just get everything out. Try him in the press. Try him in the press. Everything, … (redacted), that there is on the investigation, get it out, leak it out. We want to destroy him in the press. Is that clear?

    Attorney General: Yes.

    So even though the highest Court in America ruled that the release of the documents was both lawful, and in the public interest, the President and his administration sought to go after, jail, and demolish those who were involved in the leaking of the documents.

    And so Julian Assange sits rotting in a British jail while a case is concocted against him. And so our Australian Government sits on its arse and does not have the fortitude to confront Trump and his administration, and so the majority of our Quiet Australians (those perennial supplicants at the altar of the Big Lie) sit on their arses, while a brave son of Australia is thrown to the wolves…


  2. Great song about Julian Assange.


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