XR in Kurilpa

The 13th of December will be a day of action, protest and dissent.
The Government is not listening, conventional methods of protest and decent are being ignored. With the Government failing to protect us, our last line of defence is is civil disobedience. Unprecedented fires call for unprecedented action. Disruptions are necessary.

Meet at 8am at Kurilpa Point Park on Friday for Welcome to Country and inspiring speeches. Please bring shade, water and any instruments or signs you’d like. Dress in red or orange to symbolise the climate change induced bush fires that continue to rage across this nation.

To address concerns, this action will not risk restitution or trespass charges. There will be “green” spaces for people who do not want to be in an arrestable position. But disruption and blockades are the name of the game. This requires as many people as possible getting involved however they are able.

As a community united by justice, climate action and civil disobedience we must occupy the streets. This government serves only the corporations that profit from the destruction of the earth, we the people have the power. United we stand.

See you Friday the 13th at 8am!

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