Why we disobey unjust laws

You don’t hear the four shots fired out – echoing along the ridge. Or the heavy thuds of three horses collapsing, one taking that second bullet to fold down: ‘An act of kindness,’ she’ll tell you later, try to explain to anyone who’ll listen. ‘I couldn’t let them burn.’ – Alice Bishop, Out of Range.

Andy interviews Piero Moraro about civil disobedience.
Ciaron O’Reilly talks about Julian Assange.

BLF – when our turn comes
Feraliza – Like it or Not
Spoonboy – My Generation
Ruby Thorburn – Extreme Behaviour
The Lurkers – Galilee

Image – Feminists marching for Women’s Rights in Brisbane during street march ban in the late 1970s

One thought on “Why we disobey unjust laws

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