Tall Tales

Out soon … Tall Tales by Long John Best (LBJ)

Tall Tales: the Verse of JOHN ALBERT BEST

Dear Sir,
We wish to stop at your hotel, we will book in for a week,
If you can only grant me, the permission that I seek,
To allow my dog to stay with me, each evening, in my room,
Though I realise I’m biased, he is well behaved and groomed,
He’s the only family I have left, we’re sad if we’re alone,
We have planned to leave the thirteenth, can you let me know by phone?
He rang back, and said,
“Mate, I’ve run pubs for many years, and I cannot recall,
One dog stealing sheets or towels, or pictures off the wall,
And I’ve never had to bounce one, in the middle of the night,
For being drunk, disorderly and bunging on a fight,
And mate, no dog ever bolted, with his hotel bill still due,
So if your furry friend’ll vouch for you, why you’ll be welcome too.”

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