Morrison receives Jerusalem award – more extrajudicial killing by Israel

Some may feel to compare Israelis to Nazis is not helpful, or even a bit lazy. However I can see no problem with the Zionist/Nazi analogy in the letter by Gareth Smith posted below. Both National Socialists (Nazis) and Zionists wanted a state based on race: one of Aryans in Germany, the other of Jews in Palestine (Israel).

Of course, many Jewish people disagree with both Zionist and National Socialist programs. The Netanyahus and Morrisons of this world have many extra-parliamentary opponents despite their victories at the polls. – Editor, WBT.


Letter to the editor of the Byron Bay Echo

Following in the footsteps of infamous war criminals like Thatcher and Bush who used war to further their political ends we now have Netanyahu facing criminal charges of corruption and unable to form government, targetting Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza and Syria, knowing full well that his assassination orders would unleash retaliatory rocket attacks. 

As Israel deploys troops and tanks along its border with Gaza he no doubt hopes for a rerun of previous slaughterhouse blitzkriegs like Operation Protective Edge in 2014 which killed about 2,300 Gazans and wounded around 10,900 (including 3,374 children, of whom over 1,000 were left permanently disabled). Israel lost 72 citizens with about 730 wounded.

PLO Executive Committee Member Dr Hanan Ashrawis states, “Israel’s return to the illegal and criminal policy of extrajudicial assassination and its wilful disregard for the lives of the Palestinian civilian population is reckless and criminal. Netanyahu is exploiting the culture of impunity to commit unchecked crimes and provoke a grave escalation for petty political and personal gain.

On orders from the highest political echelons, the Israeli army is launching an assault on the Palestinian people, providing cover for the cold-blooded extrajudicial killing of a civilian in Hebron on Monday then ordering the assassination of two senior figures in Gaza City and Damascus by bombing their homes and targeting their families.

This pre-meditated escalation has wreaked havoc in the Gaza Strip, where life has come to a grinding halt and where an entire captive civilian population is helpless and defenceless in the face of Israeli bombardment of civilian buildings, including the direct targeting and destruction of the offices of the Independent Commission for Human Rights. These acts constitute war crimes for which Israel must answer.”

In light of Israel’s egregious crimes against humanity, Prime Minister Morrison’s acceptance of of the Jerusalem Prize awarded by the Zionist Federation of Australia is tantamount to him being awarded the Nazi Order of the German Eagle!!

Gareth W R Smith
Palestine Liberation Centre  
Byron Bay, November 2019

3 thoughts on “Morrison receives Jerusalem award – more extrajudicial killing by Israel

  1. Journos sponsored trips to Israel says:

    The Australian Strategic Policy Institute report, “Who funds Federal Parliamentarians’ overseas travel? states that, “over the period 2010-2018 Federal parliamentarians received 102 sponsored trips to Israel, 63 to China and 49 to the United States of America.

    The largest sponsor of all non-Australian government-funded trips was the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council ” ( Of course it is not just parliamentarians that Israel funds but captains of industry, academics and journalists.

    John Lyons’ “Balcony Over Jerusalem” details how news media around the world are reluctant to criticise Israel because they reap such a welter of complaints that their journalists’ work is stymied.

    Journalist Jonathon Cook makes the same point. All of this raises the question, have any Byron Echo staff taken up Israeli subsidised trips to Israel?

    I am prompted to ask this because it seems that the Echo is discriminating against letters on the Israel/Palestine issue.

    Gareth Smith
    Byron Bay

  2. Bernard Swierszcz says:

    Morrison is a Zionist Cabal dog. He should be circumcised and converted to Judaism. Zionist Cabal control a planet Earth.

  3. To compare Israel with the Third Reich is a disgraceful insult to the Reich and the German people.
    The Reich had honour. Israel is the world leader in supremacism, subversion of strong noble countries, human trafficking, racism and terrorism.

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