Nagasaki day

Day remembered with concert and call to action

74 years ago, on August 9, 1945 the US dropped a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, after dropping one three days earlier on Hiroshima. The following year, in 1946, the first ever resolution of the UN was to call for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Despite those good intentions, there have since been over 2000 nuclear detonations on the planet. The world is still waiting for a nuclear ban.

In 2017, 122 nations voted to adopt the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Australia, however, has refused to participate in the negotiations.

Friends of the Earth Brisbane calls on the city of Brisbane, a nuclear-free zone, to declare its support for the treaty and for the Australian government to immediately sign, and take all steps necessary, to ratify this treaty.

Australia is deeply entrenched in the nuclear weapons cycle – both as an exporter of uranium to nuclear weapons states around the world and as a key military ally to the US.

“At a time when humanity faces an unprecedented climate crisis, the refusal to lay down nuclear weapons and cooperate globally is criminal.” Friends of the Earth spokesperson Robin Taubenfeld said. “The madness has to stop. Peace is necessary for us to move forward as a global community. It’s time for a nuclear ban.”

Friends of the Earth and Just Peace are hosting a free, family-friendly event to remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima, to draw the links between the Pacific’s nuclear past and present and to call for action for a nuclear-free future. (Details below)

Beats Not Bombs

Music, food, films, talk, yoga and origami to commemorate Nagasaki Day (Aug 9) and Hiroshima (Aug 6).

Friday, August 9 at 6:30 pm

West End Uniting Church/Hall 11 Sussex Street (cnr Vulture) West End

Music from: Jenny Pineapple, The Songs of Tom Smith, David Milne

Poetry from: Jonno Sri and Anita Reed

Come early for Vinyasa Yoga with Stef Palmer, origami and delicious food

For more information:

Friends of the Earth Brisbane, Robin Taubenfeld, 0411 118 737

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