Vale Joan Shears

“In hollows behind outhouses
or back of a wall of pepper tree, tanks
are sleeping, stirring.
They expand, become nervous and rough,
and grinning with iron dimples
begin to move out to the edge of town
to wait for the lorry to place unknown.”
—Rhyll McMaster

Joan was an organiser for the peace movement in Brisbane; Joan had the knack of getting on with everyone. Joan appears throughout the pages of Workers BushTelegraph, especially on Hiroshima Days.

Joan took up the banner for peace where George Georges left off organising the annual Palm Sunday Peace Rally in Brisbane for many years. Joan made sure the campaign for peace and nuclear disarmament took a prominent place in people’s minds.

At a time when government, universities and private companies are spending more on making arms we need more Joan Shears.

joan shears.jpg
Joan Shears, Hiroshima Day 2013, at Speakers Corner near Parliament House

Here is a message from her daughter Jan and her comrades at Just Peace for those that wish to come together to celebrate Joan’s life.

Dear Just Peace friends and other friends of Joan,

here is a message from Jan with details of the celebration of Joan’s life and contributions to our collective struggles for a more peaceful and just world..  Please pass on to whoever you think would like to hear about this.

Mitchelton – see below.


Thank you Ross for your best wishes.  The celebration will be at the:

Mitchelton Senior Citizens Centre,
30 Tel-El-Kabir Street, Mitchelton
from 2.00pm Saturday 10th August. 

Please pass that information on and it would be lovely to see lots of the people Mum worked with over the years.

Please comment down below