The Greater Threat – Nuclear Winter

Some questions on the eve of Hiroshima Day …

1) What happened at Hiroshima in 1945 and why?

2) Hiroshima was the first use of nuclear weapons against a civilian population, could it happen again?

3) Is the world close to nuclear war now? If so, where?

4) Chernobyl and Fukushima were terrible nuclear catastrophes, what happened and why?

5) Are similar nuclear accidents possible and if so where?

6) For 74 years August the 6th, Hiroshima day, has been a focus for people to stop war and put an end to nuclear weapons … how can ordinary people stand against nuclear weapons?

7) The anti-war movement received a set back in 2003 when the Australian government ignored the pleas of a million people on the streets and went to war against the Iraqi people, is the anti-war movement strong enough to resist future wars? How can the anti-war movement become stronger?

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